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Buy Gloomhaven Board Games Online Australia

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Gloomhaven Board Games Online

Gloomhaven is one of the biggest board games and has gained a lot of popularity since its 2017 release. If you want to try it out for yourself and buy Gloomhaven games online, Big Whale is the store for you.

Gloomhaven has been hailed as more than a simple board game. It includes hundreds of pieces, is suitable for up to 4 players, and will force you to reveal your creative side.
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What Gloomhaven Products Do We Sell?

Once you’ve bought the main Gloomhaven board games, there are a few other products on our virtual shelves that you might want to consider.

  • Removable Sticker Set: After a few times playing Gloomhaven, you’ll notice the stickers starting to wear or tear. This sticker set includes a replacement for every sticker in the game and allows you to keep the different components looking brand new.
  • Founders of Gloomhaven: This separate board game is still part of the Gloomhaven universe but doesn’t have nearly as many pieces involved and focuses on building the city of Gloomhaven prior to the main game’s events.
  • Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles Expansion: As exciting as this board game can be, you might eventually get tired of the same scenarios that take place. This new expansion adds 20 new scenarios, a new character class, and 7 new monsters.

One of the things that Gloomhaven has a reputation for is having an incredible number of components, and this can make storage difficult. Don’t fret; we have something for that too.

Keeping Gloomhaven Organised

A quick look inside this board game’s box goes to show just how many different bits and pieces make it up. But rather than having to spend over half an hour just getting the game set up to play, we provide a simple storage solution.

With the folded space game inserts, all of Gloomhaven’s components can be separated and stored in the relevant trays. After you have everything organised and the trays have been filled, they are designed to fit tightly in the board game’s box.

This makes the board game a lot more enjoyable, and you don’t have to get stressed out about losing pieces or tidying the game away!

Buy Gloomhaven Games Online - Ordering Board Games from Big Whale

Aside from our plentiful line of Gloomhaven board game products, there are other reasons to order your board games from Big Whale.

  • Customer Service: Customer support is one of our top priorities. We are always looking to give back to customers for their continued support, and our dedicated support team make sure that customers are always satisfied with their online shopping experience.
  • Big Whale Rewards Program: As a thank you to our loyal customers, we offer a rewards program. After you become a member of this program you’ll receive reward points for every order that you place with us – every dollar you spend is equal to one point. Your points can be redeemed at any time.
  • Value for Money: At Big Whale we understand that money can be tight, which is why we aim to make online shopping an enjoyable experience. We only sell genuine products and do so at affordable prices. To top it off, we also offer price matching (send us the details, and we’ll match the price for you!).

Gloomhaven Board Games Australia - Now It’s Your Turn

Now that you’ve checked out the Gloomhaven games in our store, go ahead and fill up your cart before placing an order today.

Perhaps you didn’t find the board game you were looking for? If you’re searching for something specific but couldn’t find it, or you have a question about our Gloomhaven products, get in touch with our team.

If you're looking for more games to play, keep in mind that we always have a board game sale running on select items. In addition, we recommend you check out one of our favorites, Root Games Australia.

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