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Buy Dinosaur Island Board Games Australia

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Dinosaur Island, possibly the best Dinosaur game you’ll ever play

Welcome to Big Whale; we’re the number one choice for those looking for a wide selection of old and new board games online in Australia. The Dinosaur Island board game is one of our customer’s favourites and it’s easy to understand why!

Made by Brian Lewis (Titans of Industry) and Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter), this game is a lot of fun and is suitable for players aged 8+.

2-4 players can partake at any one time but there is a solo game mode too if you’re alone and want to get in some extra practice for the next family game night where you’ll have other players to compete against.

An average game takes about 90-120 minutes, which is great as we believe that Dinosaur Island is the best Dinosaur themed game you’ll have play.
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How To Play Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island is just like running a theme park; the only thing different is there are dinosaurs in this one!

The aim of this futuristic game is to get as many customers as possible to visit your island and ensure the safety of all visitors so that they don’t become dinner for one of the many habitants who call your theme park home! To win the game, you must become a shrewd park manager who’s willing to go above and beyond when it comes to making your park bigger and better than those of your competitors.

In order to do that, you must excel at all of the following;

  • Hiring the right staff
  • Perfecting dino recipes
  • Choosing the best attractions that will attract the most visitors
  • Keeping your dino population under control
  • Ensuring high security for all visitors to your park

I want to buy Dinosaur island board games – What comes in the box?

Each box contains:

  • Track Board
  • 50 Custom Dino Meeples
  • 36 Worker meeples
  • 10 custom 4-colour translucent DNA dice
  • 80 Patron mini meeples
  • 4 Player Lab Boards
  • 20 Double-Thick recessed punch Lab Tiles
  • 20 Paddock Tiles
  • 74 coins
  • 17 Dino Recipe Tiles
  • 27 Attraction Tiles
  • Draw bag
  • Marketplace Board
  • Research Centre Board
  • 4 Player Park Boards

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